I’m almost done migrating the sight over from it’s former pieces. Everything from Scott Comics is moved. All of Our Super Mom is moved. Half of HardCase is moved. One reason Hardcase isn’t done is because I’ve been having some of the art updated. Hardcase will be the first book re-released as Corgi Press, and will be available on ComiXology for the first time.

I’m trying out a navigation feature I tested out on Hardcase. I applied it to Dawn, and eventually I’ll add it to Super Mom. It think it’s ugly, but it works. The set up of this site didn’t lend itself to any of the “Comic” Word Press plugins. The only downside to that is navigation. When I get some free time I’ll likely go in and code my own navigation tools.

Big plans for Gem City Comic Con. We’ll be debuting several game related stuff and have tables in both the comics and the gaming room!

In the new year, I’ll be trying out a new feature. Wednesdays I’ll post about other Indy creators worth reading, and maybe do some reviews. I’ve done it before, and got swamped and let it slide, but I’m going to make it my New Year’s resolution to keep it going.

Still working on my con schedule for 2018. Lots of smaller cons that I like have closed, and I missed out on the sign in dates for some of the bigger ones. Maybe I’ll just stay home this year and write. I have two novels simmering on the back burner that need attention.